The Animal Pen area is the second stage of Adventure Mode and the setting of the ten levels after the Forest Hideout levels in School Escape. It is exactly like the Hideout levels in layout except that it takes place in the nighttime; therefore Bots is charged and stores isn't open (Means That You Wont Get Candy Atomaticly). Because of the lack of Candy, it is much harder to defend the base without using bots, and the player's candy producers have to be well-guarded. Candy Bots (25 Candy) take the place of Candy Makers and Hide N Shoot Bots (25 Candy) and Mini Bots(0 Candy) take the place of Slingshots. Also, during this stage,Land Zones will appear at the beginning of the level in random points on the half of the lawn farthest from your house. They cannot be Played on, and Parachoting Teachers Lands On them during the final wave of a level. However, the Zones can be removed by Zone Busters and the Imitater Zone Busters.

Obtainible Kids

  • Mini Bot
  • Candy Bot
  • Breaker Bot
  • Zone Buster
  • Hypno Bot
  • Hide N Shoot Bot
  • Mr. Freezy Bot
  • Coulour Doom Bot

Ecountered Teachers

  • Math Book Teacher
  • Door Teacher
  • Biking Teacher
  • Dancing Teacher
  • Backoup Dancing Teacher

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