Playing Hooky Is Not Allowed!!! This Game Is Only Made For Entertainment!!!

If you were a member of the smartest class in the world, and that got proved in 2nd grade, Woud you still want to be in scool, Learning everything that you already lernt? If not, You know exactly how grade 7 On Fixely School feels.

Game Target<hero description="/!\ Not A Real Game Yet /!\" imagename="" cropposition=""></hero>

You and your class has escaped school. But a teacher saw the grade run to your hideout in the forest and followed you. Now you got to defend yourself.


Name Picture Gender Hideout Mission
You Unknown Players Choice Leader
Alex Female Helper
Felix Male Spy
Alice Female Tech Expert
Scoot Male Traveler


Chapter 1: Forest Hideout

Chapter 2: Animal Pen

Chapter 3: Lighthouse Island

Chapter 4: Foggy Shore

Chapter 5: The Roof

Chapter 6: The Finally

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